Megilat Esther Case. Silver and Gold. 12-18 inches long.

Purim is a story of letters after which this Megila case was designed.
The story started with Hammanís letter that brought darkness and sorrow. Then came Mordechaiís letter that overturned Hammanís plans and brought light and gladness. Last comes Estherís letter to establish the celebration of Purim for generations to come forever.
Hammanís letter is etched by negative lettering on the black part of the case.
Mordechaiís letter, on the white part, is etched by positive lettering.



The engravings on the leaf formed gold sides show, when the black part is on top, Mordechai sitting at the city gate wearing sack and ashes. With the white part on top, the other gold leaf shows Mordechai riding the horse, led by Hamman through the streets of Shushan