A Chanukah Menorah of Words

Basically, this Chanukah Menorah has been designed to be exclusively suited to the purchaser, or to the person who receives it as a gift.

During the year, the object serves as a wall decoration.  When Chanukah comes around it can be taken down.  The bottom of the frame is turned into a base and the menorah can be used for kindling the Chanukah candles.

The menorah is made of plates decorated with letters or other signs, allowing the owner to create words that express his thoughts.

The purchaser and the artist will hold a joint discussion. In this way the purchaser will participate in the planning and the result will be a Chanukah menorah that is unique.

The Chanukah menorah presented here belongs to the artistís family.  The words appearing on it were chosen according to the familyís wishes.  They provide an example of how one can use words of a certain number of letters in order to express a particular idea.  The plates can also be decorated with other signs, all according to the wishes of the purchaser. This broad range of possibilities enables the purchaser of the menorah to express anything he likes.

For instance, the menorah can preserve a special family occasion for generations.  If it is intended as a gift, it can express appreciation and love for the person receiving it.

The frame is brass and the decorations are of silver.  The upper part can be adapted to hold candles, oil cups, etc., according to the request of the purchaser.

For further information and orders, please contact the artist