Designed towards the third Millenium, as described in details further on, this specially different Chanuka lamp has been produced in a series of 53 to match the Hebrew words . Each lamp is marked, numbered and signed by the artist.

The story about the Timeless Chanuka lamp, why and how it was born and made follows below:


It happened on December 1999 when last Chanukah of the Millenium was at the door. Against the background of the modern approach to artistic creativity which keeps on changing rapidly in the light of technical and scientific innovations, and  the atmosphere of saturating tension in those days, I instinctively felt a strong urge to escape THIS TIME and go back to THOSE DAYS so as to find out how I would have created and performed my work had I lived and worked in the middle of the Millenium.

Thus I found myself making a sharp turn, entering an entirely new milieu which called for a completely different approach to things. This led to the creation of the Timeless Chanuka menorah and to the way in which it was done.

Although this object has been made THIS TIME, it has been done in the spirit of THOSE DAYS, in the kind of physical conditions which then prevailed, entirely by hand without using sophisticated techniques or advanced technology but with the total and exclusive involvement of the artist in realizing the idea down to the last detail.










The Hands

are yours, close to you,

raising the lights up with joy,

thanksgiving and prayer.







The Lights Holders

are spread and open, continuing

the movement of the hands.








The Tree and the Bushes

symbolize growth and hope

and take part in the earths thanksgiving.









The Birds

are carrying peace and calm

and bring the praise of heaven.





The Stage 

on which the happening takes place, shows the collaboration of human and nature and grants an atmosphere of calm and hope.





The writing and the drawing

of its lines is made in the simple way of chasing which actually collaborates the material itself in the process of its design. 



The Text

concludes the praise, the prayer and the hope expressed in these written words.





All details are presented simple and clean without needless tooling. Carrying out was done without any eye-catching effects. The subject is presented in natural simplicity. The way from the idea to the result is short and straight. The object was done in the spirit of THOSE DAYS therefore everything was made in the conditions and means prevailing centuries ago and by choice In our time as well.

In the finishing work of the object, no method which serves as a kind of make-up was used, on the contrary the material and its working were presented clear and natural as they are. Thus the work looks and is real and close, close to the maker and close to the user, being a kind of bridge and bond between them.  


Everything in this object is done clear and visible without any hidden details. By observing the object one can see and feel immediately how the material was worked on by the artist down to the smallest details. To evaluate an object of art, one of the decisive details would be the part of the artists personal spiritual power involved, or in other words, how much of his soul is in it. This object has a lot of it.


Menahem Berman Jerusalem


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